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Waste Water Treatment Plant

Supplier, Advisor, and Partner


Our extensive knowledge of entire spectrum of technologies enables us to combine multiple technologies together in a package to deliver water with the quality, quantity as required at affordable capital and operating costs.


Innovative technologies for treatment of water reuse are gaining importance in whole world. Recycled water can satisfy most water demands as long as it is adequately treated to ensure water quality, appropriate for use.


All the services, operation & maintenance and replacements can be carried out by visits on-site by our trained field technicians

Waste Water Treatment Plant

We are a specialized entity in the industry, renowned for manufacturing highly advanced waste management plants. Over the years, we have gained immense knowledge in this field that supports us in catering to wide requirements of all industries. Our comprehensive services are provided by our highly experienced consultants, engineers and technicians. Prior to the Designing and engineering of any project, we tend to be completely assured by surveying the topography, waste type and water quality for offering a complete and reliable solution.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluents utilizes physical, synthetic, organic and film forms for the procedure

Sewage Treatment Plant

Plant is capable of treating domestic, commercial and industrial wastes

Food Based Bio-Gas Plant

This plant could be set up for ecofriendly disposal of wet-waste

Not Sure what type of filtration you need or have questions about your equipment?

Let our team of experienced applications engineers review your process to access your needs and make a recommendation that will be best for your business.

We are a Pune based company, dedicatedly working for a green and clean environment.

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