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How do sewage treatment plants work? - CHFour Energy Solutions
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Wastewater and sewage are supplied to the primary tank, where the solids and liquids disperse. The resulting liquor flows into the biozone chamber. In the chamber, a pump airs the waste and encourages friendly bacteria to condense the organic matter. This breaks down and purifies the result.

Below information and video can show you the actual working of the Sewage Treatment Plant:

The sewage will be first screened through a bar screen and the grit chamber will Oil & grease trap to avoid entry of plastic, stones, paper in the system.

The sewage will then be collected in too underground equalization tank, this tank helps to equalize effluent flow by having diffused grid aeration system.

Further, it will be pumped into the Anoxic tank where nitrification and denitrification take place, nitrifying liquor then pumped into the   MBBR tank having fine bubble diffused aeration system.

The air will be supplied in the MBBR I & II tank with the help of Roots Blowers and fine air bubble diffusers.

Overflow of the MBBR-II tank will flow in the tube settler tank, which is a fixed and inclined type where settling of floating solids takes at a faster rate.

Sludge settled at the bottom would be recycled back into the aeration tank to maintain MLSS and the excess sludge will be disposed of with the help of a sludge disposal system.

From the tube settler, clear supernatant would overflow into the filter feed tank.Further, it will be pumped into the Pressure Sand Filter & Activated Carbon Filter. Traces of solids get trapped in the Pressure sand filter and the remaining odor and color will be removed in the Activated carbon filter. This system works as polishing tertiary treatment.

The treated water Ozonation will be collected in the Treated Water Tank.
After Ozonation treated water would be used for flushing & gardening purposes.
The excess sludge would be disposed of as per norms.

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