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Most Useful Sewage Treatment Plant In India - CHFour
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Most Useful Sewage Treatment Plant In India

Solid and liquid wastes are generated in every locality. It is sent to the drainage system without any treatment. If this untreated waste goes to the water reservoirs, they get contaminated. Since the sewage consists of various decomposing and decomposed materials, it causes a foul smell. Not only that, but it also contains harmful microorganisms that can be dangerous for the health of all living creatures. There could be toxic compounds, which may cause harm to the surrounding.

Therefore, it is essential to treat the sewage water before releasing into the environment. A Sewage treatment plant can remove all these harmful things and make it clean. There are various types of sewage treatment plants. The most useful type is which is suitable for your needs. 

Three types of plants are most commonly used in India. 

SBR Sewage Treatment Plant

The full form of SBR is Sequencing Batch Reactor is a wastewater treatment method that uses an activated sludge process. In this, the oxygen is passed through the activated sludge and wastewater. It decreases the amount of organic material present in water. 

The treated effluent is quite clean, and it is good for land and surface water. The time required for aeration depends on the size of the tank and the amount of water to be treated.

There could be more than one tank used in the process. The tanks are connected by a flow-through system where wastewater enters from one end and the treated water comes out from the other side. The SBR process is flexible in operation and control. The treatment efficiency of this method is high. 

MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant

The next type of Sewage treatment plant is the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor plant. It was first invented in the late 1980s.  In the MBBR process, there is an aeration tank filled with wastewater. The tank contains plastic transporters. The density of the water and carriers is the same. Generally, an activated sludge system requires sludge recycling. It is no longer needed in the MBBR process.

As compared to other conventional methods, this option is better. It offers complete solid removal. The size of the unit is smaller. There is high process stability and increased treatment volume. You do not need periodic backwashing. This system is reliable, efficient, and convenient to use. 

MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

Membrane Bioreactor or MBR is a combination of the membrane process. In this, Ultrafiltration (UF) or Microfiltration (MF) processes work with the activated sludge process, which is a biological wastewater treatment method. This treatment method is more suitable for the industrial water treatment plants.

There are various sub-systems in the plant with membrane zone and fine screening headworks. The membrane is used for separating organic matter from water. It is accomplished with clarifiers and filters used in activated sludge facilities. The membrane zone reduces the contaminants in the first stage. After a series of membrane elements filter the contaminants further.

MBR Sewage Treatment Plants produce high-quality effluent. It is an upgrade of an old wastewater treatment plant. It is easy to operate.

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