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Brewery Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) Manufacturer & Supplier in Pune, Maharashtra
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In today’s brewery the released waste is profoundly natural in nature with high COD. It additionally contains effortlessly biodegradable solvent starch, sugars, ethanol and unstable unsaturated fats. The waste for the most part is made out of paper, glass, plastics, oils, cardboard, wood, natural slime, green buildups and other modern strong squanders. Other than this, surplus yeast and spent grains are created as by items. Our Brewery Effluent Treatment Plant can work in greatly confined spaces and furthermore requires less support and operational cost.


  • Requires less space for establishment
  • Less support and work
  • Persistent operation
  • Meets the statutory rules
  • Powerful development
  • Requires least of in advance expenses

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: Min: 50 lit per day and above


  • In Restaurants and Hotels, Brewing their
    own beer