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MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant - CH4 Energy Solutions
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MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant

MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant

The moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) is a cost-effective wastewater treatment option if the “bulk” of the pollution load needs to be disposed of (to save money) or if the applicable discharge standards are less severe.

We at CHFour – offer the best wastewater treatment solutions for the corporate and municipal industries through this application. While reducing the size of the newest plant deployments, these solutions improve the capacity and efficiency of wastewater treatment facilities that are already in operation. With this technique, it is feasible to dump waste effectively while using less energy. This method is used for the nitrification and denitrification of organic compounds.

How does MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant work?

The activated sludge aeration system of the MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant collects the sludge on recycled plastic carriers. These carriers feature a broad indoor surface that allows for the best contact with air, water, and germs.

On the inside surface of the carriers, the bacteria and activated sludge grow. The bacteria in the wastewater break down the organic material. The carriers transporting activated sludge are kept moving by the aeration system. Only the excess sludge and bacteria growth will be able to separate from the carriers and move with the treated water to the final separator.

Depending on the precise requirements, the system may have one or more stages. Due to the carriers being in a single, screen-protected tank, the specialized bacteria are kept in their duty tank. Depending on the quality of the wastewater and consequently the discharge requirements, the MBBR process is frequently utilized for a range of different applications to obtain the desired results.

Advantages of MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant

The MBBR water treatment is becoming more well-liked and well-accepted every day. Here are the main advantages over the traditional activated sludge (ASP) water purification method that has caused it to become the preferred biological treatment technology.

  • Efficient and practical – As opposed to conventional water treatment systems, this system is more effective and has lower operating costs because it produces less solid waste when purifying wastewater.
  • Health accommodating – This system is eco-friendly and health-friendly because it uses cutting-edge biological techniques and technology.
  • Convenient to use – The entire MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant is very adaptable and simple to use. Without any problems with media congestion, its operating systems are versatile and easy to control.
  • Cost-efficiency – The operation and maintenance costs for MBBR wastewater treatment are quite low when compared to those of other wastewater systems.
  • Small dimension – While other water treatment systems need a lot of room to be installed, MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant may fit in a small area that is roughly one-third the size of what other wastewater systems need.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Sewage Treatment Plant is an excellent solution for various wastewater treatment applications such as BOD reduction, nitrification, and total nitrogen removal. As compared to conventional wastewater treatment systems, this system is best known for improving reliability, simplifying operation, and also requires less space.

Integrated with MBBR technology, this treatment plant is assembled with thousands of polyethylene biofilm carriers operating in mixed motion within an aerated wastewater treatment basin.

Our years of experience, coupled with extensive expertise and technology access, enables us to provide exceptional Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) sewage treatment plants. We leverage exclusively designed and developed beds that optimize sewage treatment efficiency. We serve the industrial and commercial sector, creating compliant, but at the same time, efficient MBBR sewage treatment plants.


  • High rate biodegradation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Self-maintain an optimum level of productive biofilm
  • System automatically responds to load fluctuations
  • Compact Designed, Capacity can be easily upgraded
  • No return activated sludge stream required


  • Industrial sector
  • Commercial sector