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Combined Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) Manufacturer & Supplier in Pune, Maharashtra
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What is a Combined Sewage Treatment Plant?

Combined sewage treatment plants, also known as combined sewers, are systems that carry a mixture of domestic and storm sewage. They usually comprise broad pipes or tunnels, as significant amounts of stormwater are required to be carried out during the wet season. 

At CHFour, we design, manufacture, deploy, operate and maintain combined sewage treatment plants of varying volumes. We are an extensively experienced company, with a reputed clientele, with a flair for environment conservation and crafting systems that help our clients conserve it optimally. Please take a look at some of the features of our combined sewage treatment plants.

Simple and effective solution for waste management, these Combined Sewage Cum Effluent Treatment Plants is incorporated with advanced technology. The major advantage in this plant is that it can treat both effluent and sewage in one common unit, thus, saving remarkably in operational and installation cost.


  • Capable of treating both effluent and sewage in one common plant
  • Saves operational cost and energy, Compact in size, Easy installation
  • Requirement of low maintenance
  • Treated water generated is used for gardening and washing
  • Ideal for both small scale and large scale industries

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: ranging from 1 m3/day to 500 m3/day


  • Textile & dye industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Paint industry
  • Paper & pulp industry
  • Electro- plating industry

Why Choose CHFour?

Here are seven reasons you must choose CHFour for efficient, effective, and sustainable combined sewage treatment plants.

  1. Team of qualified and experienced engineers, designers, and O&M staff
  2. Superior-quality combined STPs
  3. Ensuring compliance with government rules and regulations
  4. Reputed clientele and proven track record with positive client feedback
  5. Ability to serve larger treatment volumes
  6. Comprehensive support from design to deployment and from operations to maintenance
  7. Combined STPs appropriate for use in multiple industries

Are you looking to connect with us for a combined STP for your industry? Call us at +91 8055573883 or write an email to us at info@chfour.net.