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Integrated Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) Manufacturer & Supplier Pune, Maharashtra
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Integrated sewage treatment plants prove significantly beneficial on the space, cost, and environmental front. While eliminating the need to maintain two different plants to treat effluent and sewage, they foster substantial cost savings. They also enable treating waste in practically the same space. If you’ve been looking for industrial STP manufacturers in Pune, CHFour is here to serve you.

Benefits of an Integrated STP

Integrated STP proves an efficient and prudent alternative over its conventional counterparts. Here’s why you must deploy an integrated STP on your premises.

  • It saves a lot of space otherwise required to build an ETP and STP
  • Substantially reduces energy consumption in the long run
  • Sludge generation is reduced by up to 80 percent
  • Treatment of solid waste and wastewater together
  • Reduced labor costs. You don’t have to hire two different teams to manage ETP and STP.

Unlike other conventional aerobic systems, this Integrated Sewage Treatment plant is highly energy efficient and generates 80 % lesser sludge. Moreover, the organic manure produced as the by-product is a good fertilize for crops. It is integrated with advanced techniques that are capable of treating solid waste and waste water. The Bio-gas produced from the treatment is a great fuel for lamps, cooking and power generation.


  • Ideal for treating solid waste and waste water
  • Multi- functional, Saves cost and space for installation
  • Less energy consumption, Production of biogas
  • Less sludge generation, Generates organic manure


  • Corporate industries
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Education institutes & hostels
  • Townships & housing societies

Why Choose CHFour for Integrated Sewage Treatment Plants?

Here are seven reasons to choose CHFour to manufacture, deploy, operate and maintain industrial STPs.

  1. Use of the latest STP and ETP techniques and technologies
  2. Cost-effective custom-integrated STP solutions
  3. Reputed and delighted clientele
  4. Comprehensive support from development to deployment and from operations to maintenance
  5. Years of proven track record and experience in manufacturing integrated sewage treatment plants from various industries
  6. Environment-friendly integrated STPs
  7. Team of qualified engineers, plant designers, and O&M resources

Want to know more? Connect with us at +91 8055573883 or write an email to info@chfour.net to allow our experts to discuss your needs in detail.