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What is a Membrane Bio Reactor?

Membrane bioreactors combine traditional biological treatment processes with membrane filtration to provide a high level of removal of organic and suspended solids. An appropriately designed MBR can provide superior quality nutrient removal. The membranes in an MBR system are submerged in an aerated biological reactor. The porosity of the membrane ranges from 0.035 microns to 0.4 microns, based on the manufacturer of the MBR.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Based Sewage Treatment Plant is an excellent solution integrated with two proven technologies, biological that enhances biological treatment and physical that includes immersed membrane filtration systems.



  • Smaller foot print, Biodegradation efficiency enhanced 20%~40%
  • High strength polypropylene material membrane
  • Easy cleaning, Long lifespan
  • Convenient management with automatic control system
  • Better control of biological activity
  • Effluent free of bacteria and pathogens, Short hydraulic residence time (HRT)
  • Long sludge residence time (SRT), Higher organic loading rates


  • Agriculture industry
  • Car wash station
  • Residential colonies
  • Landscape, Construction site
  • IT Parks
  • Commercial establishments
  • Hospital, Hotels
  • Educational institutions

Benefits of Membrane Bio Reactor?

Some advantages of membrane bioreactor include the following.

  1. High effluent quality
  2. High rate of degradation
  3. Possibility of high volumetric rate
  4. Conversion of existing conventional active sludge purification is possible
  5. High degradation rate

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