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Canteen, Food Waste Based Biogas Plants, Maharashtra - CH4 Energy
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We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Bio-gas Plant that is highly demanded by various industries and institution like hotels & restaurants, malls & multiplexes, canteens, centralized kitchens, student mess and housing societies & colonies

Waste food can be treated to recover biogas that can be used for a range of domestic and industrial functions, such as cooking, producing electricity, etc. The sludge/ slurry generated proves excellent organic manure that can be used for vermiculture, farming, and gardening. At CHFour, we precisely serve the purpose through canteen waste biogas plants. Our food waste biogas plants operate on the principle of the tri-phasic anaerobic process, thereby enabling better process control and an uninterrupted supply of biogas.

It Involves:

  • Source of renewable energy
  • Solves waste management problem
  • Recovery of Bio-gasthat can be utilized for Cooking/Electricity generation purposes.

Package Food Waste based Bio-gas Plant

  • Capacity ranging from 100kg up to above
  • Technology: Modified UASB (Designed by team CH Four)
  • Less space is required.
  • Less Civil work is required.
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy for maintenance
  • More Bio-gas Generation as compared to most of the technologies present in the market.
  • Can cater waste like Food/Canteen Waste, Animal Dung, etc
  • Easy to install & quick commissioning
  • Easy to relocate
  • Can be easily adapted for future expansions


  • Smaller foot print, Biodegradation efficiency enhanced 20%~40%
  • High strength polypropylene material membrane
  • Easy cleaning, Long lifespan
  • Convenient management with automatic control system
  • Better control of biological activity
  • Effluent free of bacteria and pathogens, Short hydraulic residence time (HRT)
  • Long sludge residence time (SRT), Higher organic loading rates


  • Agriculture industry
  • Car wash station
  • Residential colonies
  • Landscape, Construction site
  • IT Parks
  • Commercial establishments
  • Hospital, Hotels
  • Educational institutions