Low Cost, Low Power Consumption, ZLD from range 100 LPD to 5000 LPD

Generally suggested for clean environment, Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant is gainful to modern and civil associations and in addition the earth. It is generally prescribed among customers as it spares cash and no profluent, or release, is left over with most extreme water recuperation. It is coordinated with a propelled innovation that meets the most requesting release and water reuse prerequisites. 


  • Delivers no smell
  • Produces less commotion
  • Simple to work with less cost
  • High limit slop tank
  • Magnificent maintenance time

Specialised Specification:

  • Stream rate: 1140m3/hr
  • Suspended matter: 6000ppm
  • pH: 45.- 6.5
  • Temperature: 60-70 degree Celsius


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Plating and covering industry
  • Sustenance preparing industry
  • Synthetic industry
  • Building and assembling industry
  • Sugar and refinery industry
  • Paint corners